Ekaterinburg Russia Rotary Club Presentation
Nov 18, 2020 7:30 AM
Russian Club
Ekaterinburg Russia Rotary Club Presentation

Rotary Club “Ekaterinburg” was founded last century, in 1998 by the group of entrepreneurs who were on vocational -exchange program –Productivity Enhancement Program, run by Center for Citizen Initiatives ( Sharon Tennison).

They were hosted by many American Rotary clubs all over the US.

After their return to Russia they were very enthusiastic to organize Rotary clubs. So many Rotary clubs were formed in many cities of Russia- Volgograd, Perm, StPetersburg, Omsk, Ekaterinburg.

Our sponsor club was Lafayette Rotary club, CA ( Bob Shusta).

Initially there were 18 Rotarians in our club. The Club was growing year by year and at present, we are 32 Rotarians.

The number of Paul Harris members  in the Club is big.

Ibadula Satybalov, Sergey Perevalov, Alexander Victorov, Alexei Sidorov and Radion Vinokurov, Mikhail Plyshevskiy, Igor Tashkinov, Lena Novomeyskaya were the organizers of the first Rotary club in the Urals -RC Ekaterinburg.

The Club unites the people whose mission is “Service above Self”. We focus on Social and charity projects, as well as the development of each Rotarian. We do many projects together, inspire each Rotarian, our families  and friends, thus making our community a better place to live.

We helped to organize other Rotary clubs in Ekaterinburg city. And now we have 4 Rotary clubs.

At present we are sponsoring the potential Rotary clubs in the other cities. Now we are working with initiative Rotary groups in Sochi, San Diego. We educate them and share with the Rotary knowledge and our Rotary and life experience.


We like to spend free time together, and with our families doing important projects.

The Center for Disabled people, the workshops, The Orphanage in Mugai,

The Special Olympics organization – for sportsmen with disabilities, the camp for teenagers in difficult situation are some areas of focus.

“Business Breakthrough” round tables is also important as we help our members and partners with business development.

“My story” – five minutes’ talk at the meetings, we tell our stories in life.

This creates interest and brings us closer together.

We like “Lucky dollar” moment at the meetings when we share with our successes and inspire our friends.

Our motto is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”.