Apr 22, 2020 7:30 AM
Chris Lawless
Wilson Tool's Role in our Economy

This was a great look into the tool and dye industry; Wilson keeps a quiet profile locally, but it is a BIG player in its production, making things for agriculture, the military and automotive industry for starters. Ken and Ruth Wilson founded the company. The White Bear headquarters has 30,000 square feet of space and 450 employees. Wilson basically makes the tool that makes the end product. For example, it just landed a contract with the company that makes the highly recognizable UPS trucks. 

Wilson emphasized the family atmosphere and “bottom-up” culture of the company, saying it’s made for good work and good jobs. The average wage is $33 an hour. Lawless has legitimate concerns about the next generation of workers. Says there is a stigma attached to the trades that keeps some young people from getting in — so much of society fixates on college after high school. Also he said there are Minnesota age hiring restrictions that keep places like Wilson from getting kids in early and getting them on their way to advancement and success in business and life.