Nov 07, 2018 7:30 AM
Tim Overweg
Lyngblomsten Community Engagement

Mike introduced Tim Overweg, Director of Community Engagement, and Lynn Amon, Coordinator for programming in White Bear Lake.
Tim talked about his grandparents, how engaged they were in life and how his grandfather struggled with connections and opportunities after his wife died. Loneliness has been equated to smoking in that the deleterious effects can shave eight years off your life.
Lyngblomsten is a 112 year-old non-profit located in the Como Park neighborhood of St. Paul and also White Bear. They are dedicated to old-er adults and their families focused on health care, housing and communi-ty services.
2nd Half works with community groups, school districts, churches, librar-ies, transportation providers and more focusing on Education and the Arts; Health, Wellness and Spirituality; Resources and Support; Service Opportunities; Social and Outings; and Community Assets.
The population trend shows great growth in the number of adults over 65.
Lynn talked about the White Bear Community Forum which revealed, among other information, that 50 percent of seniors have lived in the com-munity for over 20 years and are committed to staying. With that Lyngblomsten recognized needs to fill in terms of supporting the senior and the caregiver.
This is their third year of housing a team at Redeemer Lutheran Church that includes Lynn, a caregiver/social worker, and a faith community nurse. Lyngblomsten produces a catalog of activities with no one turned away due to economic issues.
Their group respite (the Gathering) has been provided in the community for 10 years housed in nine local churches.
Taking care of seniors is a great service. Tim asked what might be the next step for Rotarians, a parent or a neighbor. Members with a question, idea, resource or support are invited to contact