Global Synergy Group ( GSG) is a Minnesota non-profit which facilitates civic and cultural exchanges primarily with Ukraine. USG formed a youth Leadership Engagement and Development Program (YouLEAD) to host young Ukrainian youth leaders. With the help of the WBL Rotary, YouLEAD is hosting 18 Ukrainian youth, ages 13-18, and 4 chaperones from the Cities of Odessa, Kharkiv, and Boryspil. They are staying with host families in WBL and other parts of the Metro area for 5 weeks from August 10 through September 15, 2022. Each week, the programing for the youth leaders is focused on a different leadership and civic engagement topic, such as government and public service; culture and society; business and entrepreneurship; community and volunteerism; education and learning. Irina Fursman led the Rotary program by first having all of the youth leaders and chaperones introduce themselves and state what their most enjoyable event has been so far. After the introductions, everyone separated into breakout-tables or on-line rooms for 3 different rounds of discussion centered on business and community. Irina, thank you for the excellent discussion and program. The young Ukraine leaders are impressive in so many ways. We wish them and their wonderful country the very best. Irina, also thank you for all your hard work with YouLEAD and introducing us