Strive Scholarship Race Dates
November 4, 2018 Noon Start Time Kowalski's Strive 10 Miler & 5K

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The Strive Scholarship program was started by Don Mooney of White Bear Lake, MN in 1987.  The program is now operated by the Strive Scholarship Corporation, a 501(c)(3) entity,  with generous financial and volunteer support from the White Bear Lake Rotary Club.  The program provides scholarships to students to attend Century College and books / tuition scholarship to other schools.  A Scholarship is awarded to the student whose participate in the Strive program and improves their grade point average the most in their senior year.  In recent years additional scholarship have been awarded to other students of the program who have improved their GPA.

The students are offered the opportunity to participate in Strive in the fall of their senior year.  The student signs an application and agrees to endeavor to improve their grades, maintain a C average or better in their classes, and have good attendance. Adult Strive volunteers (Rotary members from the White Bear Lake Rotary Club) meet with the students to monitor their progress, offer encouragement and support, and provide speakers from various occupations who address issues of concern to young adults in today‚Äôs society.
After the students submit their application, the Program provides them with a half day of instructional team building and the next month with strength finding instruction and text books.  Through out the year Rotary provides speakers who council the students on job finding and other life skills.
A recognition banquet is held in May where Strive students, their parents and families are invited to the banquet.  All participants are given a Certificate of Recognition and their accomplishments, activities, and future plans are announced to the audience.  The scholarship winner is also recognized at the all-school scholarships and awards ceremony.
Both the scholarships to Century College and the book scholarships are only paid when Strive receives proof of enrollment or, in the case of the book scholarships, proof that the student has incurred eligible expenses.
The Strive Scholarship Program raises money by hosting three races each year.  In April the Spirit of White Bear Lake 5 Mile, 5K, August Run Baby Run 5K, and in November the Strive 10 Miler, 5K.  All the races are open to people of all ages.  A registration fee is required of each participant.  A T-shirt is given to all race participants.  Business owners and Rotary club members help sponsor the race.  The name/logo of the business is placed on the back of the T-shirt as a listed sponsor of the event.  The White Bear Rotary Club helps with race day registration, road guards, water stops, and finish line duties.
In the past the White Bear Lake Rotary Foundation has given money to the Strive Foundation. The Rotary Club is very supportive of the Strive program and meets with the Strive Board on a regular basis. The funds of the two corporations have never been co-mingled.
Strive Scholarship Foundation has donated two separate $30,000.00 endowments to the Century College Foundation. These endowments were matched through the Century College Foundation for a total of two $60,000.00 scholarship endowments.  
For more information about the Strive Scholarship program in White Bear Lake, contact any of the following people:

 White Bear Lake Rotary Club Member

 Eric Hendrickson          

 Dale Grambush

Strive Scholarship Program Founder

Don Mooney                           651-308-1364