Greg Bartz (left) received the White Bear Lake Outstanding Rotarian Award on May 15, 2019 from Ken Baltzer. 
Gregs Rotary participation has been outstanding and continues to be so. He's served on numerous committees, worked his way thru the Rotary chain of Directors to ultimately becoming Club President. He's participated in almost every club activity, Beach Dance, Bear'ly Open, Taste of White Bear Lake, Strive program, Youth Exchange, International Exchange and numerous Community Service projects. His support of Rotary both home and abroad is witnessed through his attendance, make up visits and active participation, and the numerous Rotary members recruited over the years.
He's been, as still is, a very successful business entrepreneur. A Co-Founder of a foundation is benefiting the U of M research on Neurofibromatosis, having raised over $300,000.00 thru personal fund raising efforts. Over the past 10 years he's coordinated many Open World Exchange programs funded through the U.S. Library of Congress. Thru his effort's, a partnership between the U of M and the University in Krasnoyarsk Russia was forged.
His community involvement includes having served as the White Bear Lake High School Soccer Coach, chairing the Governor's fishing opener fundraiser committee held in White Bear, served on the YMCA Board of Directors and was instrumental in the Capitol Campaign, volunteers for the Senior Pontoon outing held each year, is active at music on the water held at Tally's Dockside, serves on the bike trail committee for the lake  link trail, mentor to many small business owners in the White Bear Area and he and his wife have graciously opened their home up to visitors on numerous occasions.
Greg has always been generous with his time, talent and philanthropy. When asked "why do you do what you do" his response has been "because it's what you do!" It can't be put any simpler.