Nov 28, 2018 7:30 AM
Commander Scott Gerlicher
Super Bowl Security

Commander Gerlacher has been a member of the Minneapolis PD for al-most 30 years and was assigned to lead local security arrangements for the 2018 Super Bowl LII and coordinate security with state, federal and NFL officials. His preparations began three years ago by attending the two previous Super Bowl events and observing their security arrangements. The overall event was classified by the Department of Homeland Security as a Level I National Special Security Event to it’s size, duration, dignitar-ies and several other factors. While the game itself attracted 67,000 spectators and lasted 3 ½ hours, the overall event was over a ten day span, attracted over one million participants and involved several venues. Over 3,000 law enforcement and military personnel were involved includ-ing police from 31 jurisdictions, National Guard, Boarder Patrol and Homeland Security. Six Black Hawk helicopters were deployed and Air Force fighter planes were stationed nearby. An eight mile crash resistant security perimeter with an eight foot fence was established around the main venue and all persons were searched before entry and all vehicles were searched and X-rayed in a 250,000 sq. ft. heated tent.

Challenges included weather (cold and snow), Budgets (the NFL paid $0), staffing (15,000 volunteers) off site events, transportation, pedestrian safety, logistics including housing, food and medical care for out of town personnel, protests, arrests for counterfeit ticketing (154) and human traf-ficking (94) and cyber security. Lessons learned were that you must be flexible and be able to adjust to change. Thanks for the interesting presen-tation Scott.

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